Remeha Gas 110 Eco boilers are floor standing gas-fired condensing boilers fitted with an “Open Therm” control interface which enables direct weather compensation using Remeha single and multi boilers controls or the customer can choose to use external control options supplied by others without affecting boiler performance.

The Remeha Gas 110 Eco has been developed specifically to fit directly into the same floor area as a traditional boiler of equal output. This will promote the benefit of higher energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions.

The Gas 110 Eco boilers are designed for sealed and open vented heating systems, with a maximum operating temperature of 90°C. Installation is recommended where possible on low temperature heating installations.

  • High efficiency: 111% NCV ∆T 40/30ºC (100% GCV)
  • Boiler control:
    • a) Modulating (18-100%)
    • b) High/low (18-100%)
    • c) On/off (18-100%)
  • Conventional or “room sealed” flue options
  • The boiler is particularly suitable for retrofit applications, having a small footprintGAS 110 table
  • Premix burner for clean combustion
  • Low NOx
  • Quiet operation <48 dBA
  • Cascade / Modular packages for up to 6 boilers
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Advanced boiler control, Remeha’s ‘abc®’, for reliable heat delivery
  • Digital display
  • Data file for storing information
  • Remote signalling options
  • Cast aluminium heat exchanger
  • Easy maintenance
  • Built-in calorifier control
  • Options for modular control and/or weather compensator
  • Control 0-10V signal or volt free
  • PC connection
  • For use with natural gas and L.P.G. (Gas 110 Eco 115 requires a conversion kit)
  • (Some models require a conversion kit)


Brochure Gas-110-Eco

Technical Sheet-110-65

Technical Sheet 110-115

Installation & Service guide-110