Case Studies


Eurogas supplied almost 50 metres of Dunham Bush trench heating system for the new IDA building in the IDA Business Park Garycastle, Athlone. The project was subject to strict deadlines and so the quick design, production and delivery of equipment such as the trench heaters was vital. Dunham Bush did not disappoint; once final trench design was approved, production of the units was swift with all equipment onsite within 4 weeks.

Trench photo

The Dunham Bush Trench Heater is a high quality product making it very desirable for both consultants and contractors alike. Each casing section comprises of a high quality mild steel plated steel duct incorporating finned pipe support brackets, flow/return air separator plate, levelling feet and grille support. For this project the duct was internally finished with a durable polyester powder coated matt black paint. The heater was finished with aluminium cross blade roll-up grille anodised AA5 silver finish, complete with matching edge trim.


Trench photo 2


The trench heaters are available in various sizes and outputs. For the IDA Athlone project an output of 554 watts per metre was required. The Dunham Bush design team designed a unit to match the required output, the unit dimensions were 350mm wide x 150mm deep. Dunham Bush Hydrocourse Trench Heating system ranges from 245 w/m to 1258 w/m. The units themselves come in fixed lengths of 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm and a telescopic 1000-1500mm unit.


As proven by this successful project; the Dunham Bush Hydrocourse Trench Heating system is a high quality and cost effective solution supported by an efficient design and application team at the Dunham Bush HQ and backed up in Ireland by Eurogas.

Susquehanna International Group Limited (SIG)

sig international houseWe are delighted to be associated with the new Susquehanna International Group Limited (SIG) International headquarters here at a landmark site in Dublin. All of the mechanical and electrical services were designed by AxisEng Consulting Engineers and the installation was completed by The Kirby Group.

Given the timescale on the project, it is a remarkable testament to the levels of commitment by all parties and we at Euro Gas Ltd feel part of this team.

Euro Gas Ltd.’s level of involvement included supplying all of the gas fired boilers and hot water heaters as well as the fan coil units and control valve sets.

We were involved at an early stage in the selection process and the engineers chose to use Remeha Quinta Pro condensing boilers which are banked in cascade modules with a total of 12 units giving a combined output of 1,290kW which can be modulated down to 20kW when sequenced by the BMS. The Remeha Cascade System has been used and this dramatically reduced the installation time as all of the components were assembled in less than 2 days. All of the necessary items such as valves, pumps, interconnecting pipework and low loss header as well as the shell insulation was supplied as part of this package. Due to the high efficiency of the boilers and low flue gas temperatures, common polypropylene flue systems were used to connect the 12 boilers.

In keeping with the desire to use high efficiency equipment, the domestic hot water production is supplied by 2 Lochinvar EcoShield condensing gas fired hot water generators. Each heater is rated at 85kW and automatically modulates down to 17kW with flow rates of 1,550l/hr and are designed to follow and match the exact demands from the DHW system. This is done by the use of flow and return water temperature sensors that regulate the burner output while maintaining an exact setpoint temperature. The heaters are used to service an extensive gym, staff catering facility and normal DHW services.


With the high intensity working environment of financial trading, fan coil units are used throughout the building and the engineering team chose to use Dunham Bush with matching Frese pressure independent balancing and control valve sets (PIBCV). Dunham Bush are a very well established manufacturer of fan coil units and we have supplied 240 waterside Lynx model units fitted with EC/DC motors.

Due to time constraints on the project, we were able to deliver all of the FCU’s to site with the BMS controller mounted and wired as well as the Frese valve sets for both the LTHW and CHW coils mounted on time so that it was simply a matter of mounting each FCU off the ceiling hangers and connecting the LTHW and CHW to flexible connections. Again, this speeded up the whole installation process as there was no need for individual items such as DRV’s, isolating valves, etc. to be assembled on site.

The Frese PIBCV modular set includes all of the components required for flow and temperature control on FCU’s. Our sets include 3 way isolating valve, binder points’ orifice plate, hose union and air vent and strainer. When the units were commissioned, it was possible to regulate both the LTHW and the CHW at the same time as the valves have 3 functions. They regulate the pressure, flow rate and the 0=10v actuated 2 port vale regulates temperature. Very accurate flow rates are achieved without over or under flow on any of the valves irrespective of changes in differential pressures.

The building has been handed over to the client on time and will be occupied shortly.