SpiroCross XC-M

Spirotech introduces the SpiroCross XC-M solution for hydraulic balancing, magnetic dirt separation and automatic deaeration.

Hydraulic balancing, the removal of dirt and the deaeration of system water is of vital importance for the performance of energy-efficient heating and cooling systems with multiple circuits. Over time, free air, air bubbles and contaminants cause corrosion and disrupt throughflow. The SpiroCross XC-M with magnet is a cost-efficient 3-in-1 solution designed to maximise system efficiency over the long term.

SpiroCross XC-M solution for hydraulic balancing, magnetic dirt separation and automatic deaeration


Product Description

The SpiroCross XC-M 3-in-1 solution consists of a hydraulic balancer housed in a robust steel casing, a deaerator for removing air bubbles and free air, and a powerful magnetic dirt separator. The drainage tap can be positioned as desired (360°), making it easy to remove dirt and magnetite, while the system remains in operation.

Install Position

The SpiroCross XC-M must be installed between the primary and secondary circuits. The efficiency of the combined deaeration and dirt separation depends on the installed position. Deaerators perform best at the highest point in the feed to the boiler (Position 1 in the diagram). Dirt separators function optimally when they are installed in the return line (Position 2), just ahead of the pump.

SpiroCross XC-M Positioning & Performance


  • 3-in-1 solution: Hydraulic balancer, deaerator and magnetic dirt separator
  • Reliable Spirotube technology:
    • Prevents undesirable or unnecessary mixing of fluids (hydraulic balancing)
    • Creates stationary system water in the laminar region to allow air and dirt to be separated
    • Proven effective deaeration using a special, leak-proof valve
  • 360° adjustable drainage tap
  • Possibility of replacing the immersion tube
  • Easy to open drainage tap for discharging (magnetic) dirt
  • Preparation for temperature measurements
  • Spirotech’s proven reliable technology and quality
  • 5-year warranty


Area of application:

  • Highly suitable for low-temperature systems
  • Suitable for (light) commercial applications
  • Suitable for use in glycol/water systems: max 50%
  • Temperature 0°C – 110°C
  • Pressure < 10 Bar
  • Maximum flow 1.5 m/s



  1.  Saves on installation costs:
    Because of the 3-in-1 combination – an open balancer, deaerator and (magnetic) dirt separator – in a SpiroCross, the installer only needs to install a single element instead of three. This saves the installer installation time and the end user installation costs.
  2. Saves on scarce space
    The 3-in-1 open balancer, deaerator and (magnetic) dirt separator also saves a great deal of space. A consultant can use the remaining space for other components, or reduce the dimensions of the boiler room. In some projects, the space saving also results in cost savings.
  3. Saves on maintenance costs
    The SpiroCross XC-M has been designed to be easy to maintain. Air is automatically exhausted, and (magnetic) dirt can be removed by regularly blowing off the system during operation. Less (magnetic) dirt in the system reduces the chance of malfunction and extends the service life, which results in lower maintenance costs.
  4. Saves on energy costs and CO2 emissions
    The patented Spirotube ensures that the water temporarily comes to rest in the laminar region of the SpiroCross XC-M, as a result of which air bubbles rise and dirt settles. In addition, this separates the system’s primary and secondary circuits, which prevents the unnecessary mixing of system water. The SpiroCross XC-M ensures that the cooling and heating systems always receive system water at the right supply and return temperature.  This saves on energy costs and reduces CO2 emissions.


Product Specifications

SpiroCross XC-M

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