Easy integration to a BMS. High Performance Vacuum Deaeration.


Spirotech have introduced an upgrade of their tried and tested degasser models. 


Introducing the new SpiroVent® Superior S400 and S600 models feature a number of options including the standard models through to the internally insulated units for CHW systems and also refill models with internal break tank allowing automatic top-up water to the systems.


How does it work?

A quantity of system fluid is taken from the circulating flow and subjected to vacuum conditions. This causes all free air, microbubbles and dissolved gasses to be released from the fluid. These liberated gases accumulate at the top of the internal vessel and are removed via an air vent. The degassed and absorptive fluid is then returned into the system and will absorb and dissolve gasses again. By continuously degassing portions of the system fluid, the negative effects of air and gas on the system’s performance and energy consumption are reduced to the bare minimum. The new SpiroVent Superior S400 can process system volumes up to 100 m3 and the new SpiroVent Superior S600 up to 325 m3.


  • Larger range to system pressures
  • Higher volumes for water treatment
  • Easy install and commissioning of unit
  • Touchscreen menu for installation and report generation