The Aquabion system is based on patented technology proven to help reduce limescale build up. Installing an Aquabion water conditioner will prevent hardware (limescale) damage.


Everyday the size of limescale deposits are increasing in buildings throughout the country. At an unknown point in time, this will have an overwhelming effect on the plumbing system



Aquabion is a patented galvanic and electrolytic solution in a self-cleaning package. In this process, minute amounts of high-purity zinc ions are released and react with calcite. Calcite crystals are modified into adhesion neutral aragonite, which is simply discharged into the water.

Different to other water treatment units the patented Aquabion operates without current, chemicals or magnets. The two swirling chambers upstream and downstream agitate the water responsible for the self cleaning effect of Aquabion unit.


The 7 big problems limescale causes:

  1. Energy usage is increased which means you will miss energy reduction targets
  2. Pipelines slowly clog, reducing the flow
  3. Sudden premature mechanical failure of key equipment means aggravation, unexpected costs and unhappy clients
  4. Legionella prevention becomes harder to manage leading to increased treatment costs or worse!
  5. Customer complaints rise further increasing your aggravation
  6. Cleaning takes longer putting stress on budgets and increasing down time.
  7. The solution can also be problematic costing you time and expense.



There are both temporary and permanent water conditioner solutions available. The permanent ‘chemistry’ based solutions offer long term peace of mind.

Physics based temporary solutions are susceptible to rapid degradation and physical situations may quickly reverse the effect.

If you require softened water you need a softener. And with that you must accept: • It will need to be kept topped up with salt, serviced and cleaned regularly.

  • There is an increased biological risk.
  • You don’t have a need for potable (drinking) water.
  • There is an increased corrosion risk.

There are no perfect solutions. When using a water conditioning device everything that was in the water before the treatment is still there afterwards. Nothing is added i.e. Salt and none of the health minerals are removed. The limescale is simply modified into a non-adherent state.



  • Always active, so no reliance on staff on the ground.
  • No external power is needed, only a mechanical engineer required.
  • Operational lifespan of 7-8 years*, no maintenance or servicing.
  • Does not soften water, so water remains potable.
  • High quality engineering, so can be installed in recirculating systems • No environmental impact, 100% recyclable materials.
  • Patented self-cleaning system, so units maintain efficiency for longer.


As with all water conditioners going line-size can lead to oversizing, excessive cost and potentially lower performance. Get in touch to get your site sized.

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