The P Series Range are Oil or Gas fired pressure jet three-pass cast iron sectional boilers. The boiler is designed on the basis of the triple pass principle for maximum efficiency and a generously sized combustion chamber for minimising NOx production.
The main boiler casing is steel, with a powder coated enamel finish complete with high quality 80-100mm thick glass wool insulation. The front door is suitable for left or right opening allowing easy access for service operations. The heat exchanger is manufactured from corrosion resistant ‘Eutectic’ cast iron.
The instrument panel contains all the necessary control and measuring instruments required to control the boiler with the external connections on a terminal strip. The capillaries and sensor wires of the control panel are placed in the instrument pockets fitted at the front of the boiler. For the discharge of flue gases, chimney draught is not required.
The boiler is suitable for open and sealed systems up to a maximum pressure of 6 bar. The boiler is suitable for installation in basement or rooftop boiler houses.

  • Boiler body with 3-pass flueways design with a large combustion chamber and horizontal flue passes with fins. The heat transfer is enhanced by the fins and the cast iron baffles
  • A high combustion efficiency up to 92%
  • A low noise level operation
  • Optimal combustion with low NOx and CO2 emissions
  • Easy adaptation to traditional burners, as well as new burners
  • Hinged burner / cleaning door (right hand side or left hand side)
  • Eutectic cast iron boiler body provides exceptional resistance to temperature variations, thermal shocks and corrosion
  • Safe low modulated temperature operation down to 40°C (minimum outlet temperature)
  • Reinforced fibreglass wool insulation (100 mm) and double insulation of the boiler front which minimizes heat loss and allows reduced stand-by consumption and improved thermal efficiency
  • Internal electrical duct for wiring connections
  • Easy installation for existing or new boiler houses
  • The assembly of the sectional boiler body can be carried out anywhere even in boiler houses with difficult access
  • A maximum working pressure of 6 bar allows any type of installation
  • P520 is delivered as standard with a pre-set water flow switch

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