13 Plate heat exchangers makes efficient use of energy, material, and space in HVACR and industrial applications. Cipriani offer extensive expertise, the widest product range on the market, and a modular concept that lets us customize optimized solutions.

Cipriani was one of the first companies to be certified in accordance with the safety criteria established by the P.E.D. standard which went into effect on 1st June 2002. The European P.E.D. standard classifies pressurised equipment into four risk categories and, as a natural offshoot, sets a minimum threshold to determine exemption: exemption from applying the criteria established by the standard and, as a consequence, exemption from applying the C.E. mark on labels. The men and women are working in synergy, constantly generating and exchanging product design and industrialisation ideas and proposals.

The technical department and the manufacturing sector work side-by-side every day to guarantee that our products will always be safe and competitive on the market, whether they fall within thCipriani Plate Heat Exchangers now available from Ireland's leading heating specialists, Euro Gas Ltd.e risk categories established by the P.E.D. or they benefit from the exemption. The exacting design and production management system, based on criteria sanctioned by the P.E.D., allows to fully concentrate on standard production methods as well as on product development activities.






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