4-CHANNEL-GAS-MONITORThe 4 Channel Gas Monitor is an innovative, cost effective, wall mounted unit. It is designed to operate in conjunction with the T100 toxic gas detector and the highly successful CGS500 combustible gas sensor to monitor a range of toxic gases, combustible gases and oxygen in a wide range of applications.

The 4 Channel Gas is also compatible with a wide range of third party 4-20mA transmitters including temperature probes. The gas concentration is indicated on a 4-digit, 7-segment display while another 2-character alphanumeric display indicates instrument status. A third display indicates the active channel.

Simple to use and microprocessor controlled, the 4 Channel Gas Monitor is menu assisted and fully user programmable for alarm setpoints, relay options, range, sensor type, gas type and many other parameters in a user friendly manner offering unique flexibility and control over
the system.

The 4 Channel Gas Monitor has a built-in battery trickle charger circuit and an optional 12V, 1.2AH rechargeable battery (sealed lead-acid type) may be fitted inside the enclosure to ensure uninterrupted operation in the event of a mains power failure.
The 4 Channel Gas Monitor offers a robust, easy to use, cost effective approach to providing an effective gas monitoring system where safety matters.

4 Channel Brochure