Emicon has recently introduced a new product to the market which is capable of 70°C (and will probably be cleared to 75°C once they have completed their accelerated life tests).  Emicon is a sister company of the Hidros brand that we have represented for many years and has been a specialist in propane heat pumps since 2008.  The Everest290 is an evolution of the technology and is a  Heat Pumps Ireland | Emicon Everest 290 Commercial Heat Pumps from Ireland's leading Heat Pumps provider, Euro Gas modular concept – some of the highlights below;


Scroll Compressors

Many heat pumps already using R290 use reciprocating piston compressors; these are large and have a low mechanical efficiency.  The Everest 290 uses the very latest (and largest commercially available) Emerson Copeland Scroll compressor, which has superior energy efficiency advantages and mechanical efficiency advantages over a reciprocating compressor, contributing to higher COP and lower refrigerant charge.


Modular Build Concept

Each unit has a very small foot print and a nominal output of 86kW (A7W45).  These can be connected side by side, using factory supplied cascade pipework kits, to a maximum of 10 units.  Each unit has two compressors, so when added in cascade, the complete system offers unparalleled turndown against a unit with single/twin inverter compressors as seen below.


No of modules Compressors Output (nominal) Turndown
1 2 86 50%
2 4 172 25%
3 6 258 17%
4 8 344 13%
5 10 430 10%
6 12 516 8%
7 14 602 7%
8 16 688 6%
9 18 774 6%
10 20 860 5%


Controls and power connection kits simplify the installation for the mechanical/electrical contractor.


The scalability of the product allows further modules to be added easily for future installations.  This is a great option for clients that may want to start offsetting their carbon impact now, by reducing their boiler load and supplementing with heat pumps.  With the Everest 290 they can add modules to the cascade as budgets allow.


The “standalone” or “cascade” configurations, and 5 or 10 cascade kits, are easily priced so cost/kW is easily provided to clients to help them understand what renewable contribution they can afford.


Master Sequencing Controls

Emicon’s Innovative “Master in Rotation” logic guarantees high reliability of the entire system.  It is possible to disconnect one or more component units of the module without any detrimental impact on the controls.  This allows routine and extraordinary maintenance operations, or interventions for any other customer need, without interrupting any of the other modules. This independent logic allows the whole system to be expanded at any time, simply and effectively.


Microchannel Evaporator

Emicon is part of the Enex Technologies group of companies who own specialist suppliers of refrigeration equipment.  Leveraging the technologies of these companies, Roen Est, a specialist refrigeration coil manufacturer, have produced a microchannel source heat exchanger for this unit that has incredibly high heat transfer characteristics.  The high heat transfer allows the Everest 290 contributes further to lowering the refrigerant charge, keeping costs low, but most importantly allowing lower fan rotation speeds and reduced energy consumption.  The high heat transfer increases COP in the low ambient conditions.


High Operating Temperature

The unit is capable of producing water up to 70 degrees making it highly suitable for retrofit applications replacing or supplementing existing boiler systems.



The Everest 290 has a SCOP of 3.95 (155% η,sh) for the low temperature (35°C) condition, and 3.32 (130% η,sh) for the medium temperature (55°C) condition.



Being available in simple specifications allows Emicon to keep manufacturing time short and have stocks of units available for quick delivery times.



The Everest 290 is also available as a 4-pipe multifunction heat pump.  This configuration operates both cooling and heating modes simultaneously, maximising heat recovery efficiency.


Everest290 Technical & Efficiency Data

Low Temp Technical Data

Medium Temp Technical Data

Everest Operation and maintenance manual