The Vision range of radiant tube heaters delivers exceptional performance in terms of efficiency and the potential to reduce energy costs.
The foundation of this development is a high efficiency advanced slim-line burner head that provides a long evenly distributed flame that dramatically improves temperature distribution along the entire length of the heater, delivering a more even floor coverage.
Herringbone configuration…Herringbone systems are specifically designed to suit individual building requirements; they can incorporate up to 10 ‘U’ tube or linear heaters on one exhaust manifold. The exhaust manifold may be terminated through the wall terminal.
The particular benefits of herringbone systems are:
  • Optimised energy efficiencies
  • All units share a common internal flue thereby raising efficiency within the building
  • Improved aesthetics and minimal risk of water ingress – only one penetration of the building is required to enable the products of combustion to be expelled


AmbiRad Vision Sales Brochure