Evolution radiant panel heating is suitable for a wide range of applications and in particular hospitals and educational buildings. The range consists of one, two, four and six tube panels. in nominal lengths of 600mm to 3000mm, and in various tube configurations.

Where wall space is limited or unavailable, style CG can be integrated within the ceiling grid or style CS can be fitted to the underside of a ceiling. If the ceiling is too high for these applications, style FS can be suspended from drop rods. Style WS can be fitted vertically, at high level on a wall, or at an angle of 30ยบ, by using special brackets.

All panels can be supplied in a range of styles to suit the applications listed below:

  • Style CG ceiling grid application
  • Style CS ceiling surface application
  • Style FS freely suspended
  • Style WS wall surface application

It is generally considered that in radiant heating applications, optimum comfort conditions are achieved when the air temperature is slightly lower than the mean radiant temperature (that which expresses the average temperature of the surrounding objects, acting on a particular point). The proper application of Evolution radiant panels can achieve these optimum conditions, producing a feeling of warmth and comfort, which due to the higher natural moisture content, creates a fresh, rather than stuffy environment.

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