Dunham Bush The Sentinel door curtain is an ideal solution to the ingress of cold air due to “open doorway trading” in retail premises, or busy pedestrian traffic in commercial and public buildings. The technology of door curtains is well proven. The vertical air stream above an open doorway provides a virtual barrier, which separates indoor and outdoor environments. This air barrier prevents “inversion” due to different air temperatures; thus reducing energy consumption, increasing internal comfort and usable floor area and will have no effect on pedestrian traffic flow.

Sentinel door curtains are designed and manufactured to the high quality synonymous with Dunham-Bush products, complemented by a wide range of options to suit most applications.

Sentinel door curtains are available in a range of models, for ambient, LPHW and electric heating. Each model is available in three sizes complete with motor, tangential fan(s), optional LPHW coil or black bar electric heating elements and electrical connection box. All models are finished with a durable white polyester powder paint satin coating (RAL9010 30% gloss).

Accessories & Options
Sentinel door curtains are supplied with a wall mounting bracket and remote switching control box.

– On/off switch, and high/low fan speed adjustment switch.
– On 3 phase electric heating models the high/low switch automatically selects the full and 1/2 power heating settings.

Electric Heating Element
On electric heating element units, there are high temperature cutouts with both automatic and manual reset, located on the top of the casing.

Wall Hanging Bracket
All models come complete with a hanging plate for fixing to a vertical wall surface.

Special controls

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