The Remeha Quinta Ace  Range are compact, wall hung, condensing boilers which may also be installed free standing on a suitable frame (option). The one piece, cast aluminium heat QUINTA PRO RANGEexchanger and other major components are contained within a sealed air box. This forms the main boiler casing with a removable front section for maintenance purposes. All electrical and electronic controls are contained within the instrument panel mounted behind the drop-down lower front panel and also the electrical housing mounted on the inside right panel.

The combined flue gas outlet and combustion air inlet are mounted on the top of the boiler, with the flow, return, gas and condensate connections located at the bottom. The boiler is suitable for room-sealed or open flue applications. It has been designed for central heating and indirect hot water production. It must be installed on a fully pumped system.

  • High efficiency: 108.9% NCV ∆T 50/30ºC (98.1% GCV)
  • Boiler control:
    • Modulating (18-100%)
    • b) On/off (18-100%)
  • Premix burner for clean combustion Low NOx
  • Quiet operation <52 dBA
  • Digital display
  • Data file for storing information
  • Remote signalling options
  • Cast aluminium heat exchanger
  • Easy maintenance
  • Built-in calorifier control
  • Options for modular control and/or weather compensator
  • Control 0-10V signal or volt free
  • PC connection
  • Advanced boiler control, Remeha’s ‘abc®’, for reliable heat delivery
  • Conventional or “room-sealed” flue options
  • Cascade packages for up to 8 boilers
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Space saving
  • For use with natural gas and L.P.G. Quinta Pro 90 requires a conversion kit (supplied with the boiler)
  • LED illuminated air box
  • Suitable for pressurised flue systems

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