Case Study: Heather House CNU, St. Mary’s Health Campus, Cork



Euro Gas was awarded the order for the supply of the mechanical services equipment for Heather House, a 60-bed community nursing unit (CNU) extension at St Mary’s healthcare campus, Cork.

In addition to 60-ensuite bedrooms, the extension also comprised a reception area and day rooms.

The existing CNU remained operational throughout the scheme, which was expedited as part of the HSE’s emergency Covid-19 works.


Euro Gas provided the mechanical services equipment across the entire project. The heating system is fed by two LHA Hidros high efficiency air-to-water heat pumps which have been specifically designed for applications where maximum heating efficiency is required. Optimised on heating mode, the heat pumps are able to produce water up to 60°C and can operate down to -20°C ambient temperature.

Hot water produced is then stored in a Cordivari Puffer heating water buffer tank.

Providing support and redundancy for the heat pump are two Potterton Sirius Three WH 110kW wall hung commercial gas boilers.

Compact and lightweight, Sirius Three WH condensing boilers offer a market- leading modulation ratio of up to 9:1 and come with weather compensation as standard, ensuring high seasonal efficiency all year round. 

Two Lochinvar EcoShield Fully Condensing Gas-Fired Water Heaters (model: SHW146-410CE) satisfy the domestic hot water requirements.

With efficiencies of up to 96.45% and NOx emissions as low as 32mg/kWh, EcoShield Water Heaters can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Further reducing their overall gas consumption, a Cordivari Vaso Inerziale buffer provides the EcoShield Water Heaters with water preheated by the air-source heat pumps. A high efficiency Cipriani Plate Heat Exchanger provides the hydraulic separation between the technical and domestic water.

SpiroVent deaerators from SpiroTech remove circulating air and microbubbles from the system water allowing them to rise up to the air chamber.

The specially constructed air chamber provides sufficient volume to absorb pressure fluctuations and prevents valve contamination. This is one of the main causes of leaks. Thanks to the special construction and the solid valve seat, the leak-proof air release valve opens, releases the air and always closes perfectly.

Main contractor was MMD Construction while the mechanical contractor was Murphy & Kelly (Thomastown) Ltd with Semple & McKillop Ltd acting as the M&E consultant.


Steven Kelly, Director for Murphy & Kelly (Thomastown) Ltd commented, “Euro Gas products are of an exceptionally high standard. However, what gives us peace of mind is theirtechnical ability to back up all of their products, and the advice they provide on the best way to integrate various technologies, from gas boilers to air-to- water heat pumps, to ensure the system runs as efficiently as possible.

We look forward to working with them on more projects in the near future.” Euro Gas Ltd is the leading company in the HVAC sector throughout all of Ireland.

Established in 1985, the aim is to always provide customers with the highest degree of technical services and sales support.

This extends not just to the production values of the system, but also to system design, application of products, and the speed with which these enquiries are handled.

Euro Gas Ltd is committed to offering its customers high performance, energy and cost-saving heating, ventilation and air conditioning products to cater for all project types.


Products supplied by Euro Gas:

  • 2x Potterton Sirius Three gas boilers: Model – WH110
  • 2x Cordivari buffer tanks: Models – Puffer and INERZIALE
  • 2x Hidros air to water heat pump: Model – LHA/1202/HE/LS/RV/P2U
  • 2x SpiroTech air dirt separators: Models – BA065F and BE050FM
  • 2x Lochinvar EcoShield Fully Condensing Gas-Fired Water Heaters: Model – SHW146-410CE
  • 1 x 100kW Cipriani Plate Heat Exchanger