Airfix Active for Sanitisation, Surface Purification & Air Quality

SARS-CoV-2 is a big concern for many building and business owners as the country begins to open up in the wake of the pandemic. There are a vast number of different air cleaning and sanitisation units now on the market. Many contain the same technologies such as HEPA filters and UV-C lighting and it can be particularly tricky for potential users and specifiers to choose one that reduces transmission risks effectively.

Euro Gas has always been to the forefront in delivering innovative technologies and solutions to meet the various challenges faced by the building services engineering sector. So, now that Covid-19 has presented system designers and consultants with the daunting task of achieving and maintaining perfect air quality within buildings, it has once again risen to the challenge.

The Airfix air filtration, purification and sanitisation system

Working in partnership with Emicon, Euro Gas has introduced Airfix Active to the Irish market. Airfix Active is designed to provide a high level of air filtration, surface purification and sanitisation, for all indoor medium-crowded locations. It prevents contamination and minimises the diffusion of bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2.

Sanitising surfaces in any location
The Airfix Active incorporates photo-catalytic oxidation, a technology used for sanitisation in aerospace applications, mainly requiring a high-quality and healthy air. The oxidation reproduces a natural process called photocatalysis that, thanks to the reaction between solar UV radiations, air humidity and some natural metals in the environment, can eliminate most of the toxic and pollutant compounds in the air and on all surfaces. While extremely powerful, even with an airflow of 1600m3/h, the unit is very quiet due to its internal insulation and the dimensioning of the fan section.

Airfix Active houses staged filters to provide a level of sanitisation of more than 99.95pc effectiveness. The first stage is a reusable double containment coarse mesh pre-filter on the air suction side at the bottom of the unit in order to trap dirt and dust. The second stage uses an ePM1 filter with a wide filtering surface, used as clean air pre-filtration. And the third stage is a HEPA 13 filter (or HEPA 14, as an option) positioned before the fan section. The unit achieves a very low-pressure drop which is an extremely important consideration for building engineers, as it does not require compensatory airflow into the space.

The Airfix air filtration, purification & sanitisation system

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